The Market

aerial overview

  • The Harrisonburg metro is the second fasting growing in the state and Harrisonburg is the fastest growing city in Virginia. A recent Chumura report shows Harrisonburg continues to outpace most of the State in job gains, wages, real retail sales, and building permits. This center is located on the primary commuter road and in close proximity to 10,000 student beds and several high density residential neighborhoods.
  • The City experienced 21% growth over the last ten years allowing it to surpass Charlottesville as the 11th largest city in Virginia.
  • Heavy growth is expected over the next thirty years as a result of a expanding  employment base and the continued expansion of JMU (20,000 students).
  • The City size is expanded with Harrisonburg’s status as a regional destination for consumers well outside the traditional drive-time radius.