Quick Glance

quickglanceStone Port is at the heart of the path of progress within the Harrisonburg MSA. Over the last decade, residential growth has exploded on the east side of Harrisonburg and continues at an aggressive, but sustainable pace.


The timeline of development for Harrisonburg’s east side has witnessed not only residential growth, but also the completion of the new Rockingham Memorial Hospital, new commercial development, and will be capped by the opening of Harrisonburg’s Southeast Connector road, which will connect every primary thoroughfare in the City and create a commercial corridor that surpasses East Market Street in the form of Stone Port.



  • Stone Port is at the Heart of the Path of Progress for Commercial Development in Harrisonburg.
  • Outperforms E. Market Street | Higher population count, greater projected growth, and higher actual traffic counts.
  • Upon completion of the Southeast Connector, the juncture at Port Republic Road and Stone Port will form the best Commercial Corridor in the MSA.